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Lacquer Nail Bar

A modern and friendly nail spa. The logo is using pink a delicate color that means sweet, playful, charming, and feminine which is the atmosphere of the place as well as the personality of the owner, Thina. Want to get a unique logofor your business? More Information The Queens Eagles Youth Soccer Corp. ..Logo

Barcelona Poster

A poster was designed to commemorate the end of Spanish Civil War. The color palette was chosen from the color of the aircraft that was used to bomb the city, Barcelona. There is a tri-color version which is in gray scale tone with one contrasting color. More Information See Barcelona Logo More about Spanish Civil War


Gift idea for him and her Happy Birthday Angie! Angelica and her lovely pet, DaisyWhen a client wants to surprise her friend with a digital drawing, she sent me a mug shot of her friend and let me surprise her as well. I recommend the client that it would be more wonderful, if we could

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